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                    ’ … ’
she’s not talking to her. at. all.
                                    she feels fucking terrible. she’s
                                    not supposed to  feel anything
                                    anymore. jess wasn’t supposed
                                    to save her.

                  of course,  she’s not talking.  she
                  was  already  expecting   this.  so
                  she leans back again with a sigh,
                  eyes     still      on       her      friend.



              ‘ that’s not your fucking responsibility ! ‘

         ’ i know it’s not. i’m doing it because i care. ‘

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     ”Do you really got it?”

      “Not exactly, no.”


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     ”You got it, Jess.”

      “I got it?”



                    ‘ you are notdoing this to me. ‘

         ’ actually, i am. ‘

make me choose between two things.



                   ’ wherever i need to. i gotta go grab some stuff. ‘

       ’ well, no. i don’t like the sound of that. you’re staying in. ‘